Pebl – Fless

Pebl – Fless

Australia’s most stylish and customisable illuminated mirrors, the PEBL mirror marries sleek European design with modern technology. Our unique, sophisticated design features low energy, high output covered LED lighting which illuminates the edge of the mirror, creating a sense of luxury.

Keep your mirror fog free and customise your mirror according to its use, such as applying makeup, brightening up a dull bathroom, creating ambience, or for use as a nightlight. Embedded touch sensors allow you to switch on/ off the LED lights and defogger, adjust to four brightness levels, and change the colour from soft warm light to natural daylight to bright white light. Size: 700W x 900H

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Australia's most stylish and customisable illuminated mirrors. These mirrors feature:

  • Covered LED lights fitted to the back of the mirror create a stunning aura around the mirror, which lights up the wall in a tone that you can customise
  • Defogger
  • Three different light colours warm light, natural light and white light
  • Four levels of adjustable brightness
  • Warranty 5 years

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